Yes! My newest EP, “Shaping Me” is available after a few years of writing, recording, re-recording, learning to mix and then putting my faith in the hands of excellent producers and musicians! It has been an experience, one that is fitting of the experiences the album covers… 

No life goes completely as planned.

You may plan on, commit to, dream about and work towards things at different times in your life – things that may, or may not, turn out as you’d hoped. The key to a happy life is to accept how things end up, however crushing they may be to your dreams/hopes or ego, and then move on through adapting to those outcomes. Recovering from disappointment or trauma and finding the learning in them is tough to do at first, then you start becoming more open and fluid in your life and crushing experiences, disappointments and let-downs eventually stop – and by stop I mean that you aren’t affected by circumstances in the same way because you have grown and opened up.

Shaping Me is a story of change and how I learned to deal with what unfolded over a 3-year period in my life. Most of these songs were written in the summer of 2012 after I quit a long-term job. The lyrics were written from 2013 to 2014 as I was processing a divorce and the death of a friend. Finally, recording and post-production stretched on from February 2014 until now, almost 3 years to the day when life happened through (rather than to) me and music began flowing through my body again.

I’ll post more stories about the songs, their meanings and the experiences they are about in the coming weeks. For now, check out the music at any link below:

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